For bands

Want to play here? Offer your band!

tel. 050 383 5192 / Taija

After the concert date is agreed upon, please note:

1. Deliver in good time a performance contract that specifies the agreed date, time and compensation .

2. All performance invoices are paid 7 to 14 days from the performance.

3. Load in between 9am – 8pm (on special occasions arranged separately).

4. Soundcheck done before 10pm when the restaurant opens.

5. Performances begin approximately 11pm and end 2:30am. Special occasions arranged separately.

6. If you play on both Friday and Saturday, you may leave your gear intact and load out after the last performance.

7. Food and accommodation can be included in the performance compensation.

8. Send your promotional materials as JPG-images to:

9. Send your promotional posters in advance to:

Hotelli Zilton
Mariankatu 29
07900 Loviisa